The Best Imitation of Myself

The life and times of a midwestern nobody

Jenny "The Conservative Cutie"
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My name is Jenny, I'm 26 and live in Kansas, and yes, Kansas is really as dull and boring in real life as it looks on TV.

I am blind and have a guide dog, Fleming, a male golden retriever trained at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. We've been together for three years and he is my second dog. I still have my first dog, also a male golden named Gerard, also trained at GDB.

I am not in school right now, I'm taking some much needed time out to take care of myself, but when I do finish up I want to get a job in radio broadcasting. My interest out side of school include, internet radio, web page design, hanging out with friends both in real life and online. Reading, writing, and other stuff. I LOVE Ben Folds! With and without the Five. Counting Crows and playing guitar. And of corse my dogs, Fleming and Gerard